Marc Bethke has found a niche combining powerful automotive visuals with human performance, and his fiction-directing background brings valuable experience working with actors.
He’s crafted epic and aspirational films for an array of clients globally, including BMW, Audi, MINI, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Genesis, Bentley, Skoda, Ford, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Toyota and more.
Born in Hamburg, Germany, at the age of 20 Marc moved to Los Angeles to study filmmaking at the NYFA Universal Studios Campus. He found his passion within Advertising and became a Creative, Writer and Director.
Storytelling is paramount in his work which focuses on inspirational lifestyle products and automotive work.
Coming from a fiction directing background he enjoys working with actors immensely and it's key to his process. Powered by a deep love for the craft of filmmaking his attention to detail is second to none and this fuels his enjoyment of the whole process from page to screen.
As a director, Marc is very collaborative and focused, and therefore highly effective and fast on set.
He feels at ease with handling complicated big budget shoots, just as he is eager to get the most production value out of projects with limited resources.
Marc also writes concepts both for advertising and fiction formats .
His fictional directing debut Mikelis starring the legendary Scottish actor James Cosmo, was screened in over 30 festivals around the world, taking home multiple awards.
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